Friday, January 24, 2014

"No I'm Sorry, It's Still Ugly"

Friday 24th Jan

More things I have learnt during my stay in NYC:
  • Moving into a dorm during a snow storm is no fun -at least my cousin was able to help me otherwise I think I would have died.
  • Gumboots are quite literally the best type of footwear ever.  I could live in my hunter boots and not wear any other shoes.  I might do so until all the ice melts.
  • Snow doesn't actually melt straight away.  (I'm not sure how I didn't realise that... I was very surprised the day after the snow storm there was still inches of snow around)
  • I cannot deal with 18yo preppy girls that think they're the shit when clearly they are not. 
  • Apparently a lot of girls think that just because something is 'designer' its automatically trendy/cool and they are able to wear it.  No I'm sorry, its still ugly.
  • My roommate is pretty awesome so its good we get along (hopefully this extends into the future too hahaha)
  • That being said, Dorm life is simply not for a 24year old.  So hopefully I'm able to find an apartment for the Summer/next semester.
  • The freshman 15 is totally not a myth.  Portion sizes are huge and the food is pretty greasy etc.  There is also pretty much not much selection in the food so fingers crossed I can eat that shit for 4 months lol.
  • Shopping in NYC is obviously great -I love the fact you can spend hours in just one store.

Weekend before school starts!  Think I'm pretty much just gonna chill and go explore the city more.  It sucks that I don't know more people here so I can go out with them etc.  All in time hopefully!

Peace and love 

"Sorry I'm Not From Around Here"

Monday 24th Jan

Things I have learnt in NYC:
  • The option of 'cash back' every time you use your card actually means "cash out" -this was learnt after asking the lady "do i need to push cash back? Sorry im not from around here" was asked lolol.
  • How to semi not look like a tourist -after my 3 hour stroll around fifth ave and times square some tourist asked me how to get to the subway. win. (only to tell her that i only just moved here haha)
  • Food carts are delicious -tacos made by real mexican ppl are always much more delicious xD
  • There are cool trolley escalators next to the ppl escalators in stores like bed, bath and beyond
  • How to successfully navigate the subway (well, ive taken it once to go downtown 4 stops and did not even get lost haha)
  • My dorm is actually really small so should be interesting living with someone else.  Also the showers and toilets on my floor and the 3rd floor were recently renovated and way nicer than the facilities on other floors. (Insider knowledge there)

Things I never thought Id say:
"Oh its 5degrees celsius today, thats so warm!"

Move into dorms tomo eek!

The Start of Something New (And I Ain't Talking about Highschool Musical)

Friday 17th Jan

So after a 25hour commute to NYC -might I add both flights with NO neighbours/people sitting next to me (winning!) I finally touched down in NYC!   

I pretty much slept through the entire leg to Hawaii which was awesome.  Got to Hawaii and it was legit even hotter than Auckland (even tho its Winter there) and had to walk in my boots and coat to the domestic terminal and nearly died.  Flight to JFK was pretty long as I didn't get much sleep at all.  

Anyways, after touching down at JFK I was greeted to having to pay $5 to use a trolley (how ridics) and after aimless strolling to find a shuttle bus and not succeeding, I ended up catching a taxi.  My taxi driver was some cray driver and kept talking to himself or something.  it was scary xD also im pretty sure he conned me into paying him $6 in tips ( I gave him $5) and he was all like "The cab fair is $58" (when the flier i got said they charge a flat rate of $52 to manhattan).  Morning traffic is pretty much like Akl traffic, took us an hour to get into the city!  So after i paid him his ridiculous fare, he pretty much kicked me to the curb to fend for myself and manoeuvre my suitcases and duffle bag to my cousins house.  Luckily my cousin had only just left for work so he saw me at the Curb and helped me upstairs hahaha.

Rest of the day was pretty uneventful! Had a shower then roamed the streets of New York to set up a bank account and get a phone account sorted!  Im quickly starting to learn that there are lines for pretty much anything (After i started feeling peckish and wanted to grab some lunch from any store and couldnt find any without having to wait).  I ended up having some street food and also realising I had no idea what "white sauce" was that he put on my food haha.  They also use the term scallion instead of spring onion here xD Then I retreated back to my cousins apt, had a nap but had to wake up at 3 to let the dog walker in, then slept the rest of the arvo after the dog walker took the dog away. I think i was also delirious cos I swear i remember the dog walker coming into my room and returning the key to me after he dropped the dog back off hahahahaha.  That night went to Don Antonio which did amaziinnnng Italian Pizza with the cousins and Pinkberry for dessert (FINALLY reunited with my love hhahha) and pretty much called that a night.  

Saturday 18th Jan

Went out to Brooklyn Flea with cuzzies and his friends -Hipsterness galore.  Think vintage stuff but on steroids.  Selling milk bottles u get at the supermarket for 3x the price and also completely random stuff like vintage bandaid tins etc etc.  Hipster stuff hahaha.  Also learnt about my cousins dislike of Brooklyn and hipsters (he thinks that everyone tries way too hard and apparently manhattan ppl are snobby).  The food was pretty good tho! I had some "Asiadog" which was an asian infused hotdog hahaha.  and some macarons xD
Then was forced to hang out with the cuzzies in the arvo cos they knew i wanted to sleep but would not let my jetlag win hahaha.
Went to their mates apt and learnt how to play mahjong with some other friends.
My cousin and friend also tried the 'miracle berry' (that pill that alters ur taste buds so sour things taste sweet etc) and just went ape shit trying vinegar, scotch, sirracha etc.  hilarious to watch, looked like they were high and had the munchies.
Went to this new place that opened up recently that does like taiwanese style cuisine for dinner and my cousin befriended the ppl and got lots of free food hahaha.

Its pretty cold, but nothing as bad as I thought it would be.  Hhahahaha im probably jinxing myself -its meant to get a lot colder in the next few days