Friday, January 24, 2014

"Sorry I'm Not From Around Here"

Monday 24th Jan

Things I have learnt in NYC:
  • The option of 'cash back' every time you use your card actually means "cash out" -this was learnt after asking the lady "do i need to push cash back? Sorry im not from around here" was asked lolol.
  • How to semi not look like a tourist -after my 3 hour stroll around fifth ave and times square some tourist asked me how to get to the subway. win. (only to tell her that i only just moved here haha)
  • Food carts are delicious -tacos made by real mexican ppl are always much more delicious xD
  • There are cool trolley escalators next to the ppl escalators in stores like bed, bath and beyond
  • How to successfully navigate the subway (well, ive taken it once to go downtown 4 stops and did not even get lost haha)
  • My dorm is actually really small so should be interesting living with someone else.  Also the showers and toilets on my floor and the 3rd floor were recently renovated and way nicer than the facilities on other floors. (Insider knowledge there)

Things I never thought Id say:
"Oh its 5degrees celsius today, thats so warm!"

Move into dorms tomo eek!

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