Friday, January 24, 2014

"No I'm Sorry, It's Still Ugly"

Friday 24th Jan

More things I have learnt during my stay in NYC:
  • Moving into a dorm during a snow storm is no fun -at least my cousin was able to help me otherwise I think I would have died.
  • Gumboots are quite literally the best type of footwear ever.  I could live in my hunter boots and not wear any other shoes.  I might do so until all the ice melts.
  • Snow doesn't actually melt straight away.  (I'm not sure how I didn't realise that... I was very surprised the day after the snow storm there was still inches of snow around)
  • I cannot deal with 18yo preppy girls that think they're the shit when clearly they are not. 
  • Apparently a lot of girls think that just because something is 'designer' its automatically trendy/cool and they are able to wear it.  No I'm sorry, its still ugly.
  • My roommate is pretty awesome so its good we get along (hopefully this extends into the future too hahaha)
  • That being said, Dorm life is simply not for a 24year old.  So hopefully I'm able to find an apartment for the Summer/next semester.
  • The freshman 15 is totally not a myth.  Portion sizes are huge and the food is pretty greasy etc.  There is also pretty much not much selection in the food so fingers crossed I can eat that shit for 4 months lol.
  • Shopping in NYC is obviously great -I love the fact you can spend hours in just one store.

Weekend before school starts!  Think I'm pretty much just gonna chill and go explore the city more.  It sucks that I don't know more people here so I can go out with them etc.  All in time hopefully!

Peace and love 

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